ETP Automotive is an Australian owned and operated company. In Australia ETP - Engine Parts has been supplying Automotive Industry for over 30 years. We have been operating our own Chinese company, ETP Automotive, since 2004.

We established ETP Automotive with the specific job of controlling the quality of parts we were importing into Australia.The great success we achieved doing this opened the door to selling our parts world wide.

There is a common trend that before dealing with us, our customers have previously had bad experiences trying to import parts from China. All suffered huge quality problems or they received incorrect parts.

This is our point of difference. We operate to strict quality levels - while still maintaining very competitive pricing. Every part we ship needs to meet the high quality standard we would expect to receive in Australia. It is this consistent and expected level of quality that keeps our customers returning.

ETP is different to your normal Chinese company:

  • We can help identify parts. We have a huge bank of knowledge and experience.
  • We will organise all your freight out of Shanghai and into your preferred port.
  • We don’t change suppliers once sample quality has been accepted.
  • We maintain materials used by undertaking regular laboratory checks. Material checks are done in Australia.
  • Parts are inspected before shipment.
  • If a part is found to have a problem it will not be shipped.
  • Should a customer receive an item with a problem, that was missed during pre-shipment inspection, we will work with them to find a solution. On some occasions we have traveled to our customers cities to help find a solution. If the parts can not be salvaged we will have them returned to China and credit the parts.
  • World wide we have a great quality record, with a claim rate less than 1% for the last 4 years.
  • We can work to specific requirements and requests - for example a head supplied without valve seats if the customer wanted to fit their own.
  • We can help customers develop their own parts from drawings to completion. Minimum order size and tooling costs will be agreed upon before project commencement. We take extreme measure to ensure these parts aren’t leaked to other people.

Our Teams
We have an excellent team at ETP Automotive. Both our Australian and Chinese staff work extremely hard to ensure the parts our customers order are correct - great quality - and well packaged.

We have the unique position where we are both the customer and the supplier. We receive into Australia the same parts we ship all around the world from Shanghai.

Because of this we ensure our international customers receive the serve we expect ourselves.