WE Cylinder Heads and Additional Parts

04/04/2016 12:00AM

In additon to bare cylinder heads ETP offers many extra parts to assist in making your job easiers. 

We have been offering head kits for a few years now. This is are our most popular way to purchse our parts. The Head Kits include: the Bare Cylinder Head, a VRS Gakset Set, a set of Valves and a set of Head Bolts. 

We also can supply a new WE Camshaft (inlet and exhaust), Rockers and Spring Kits: which include the Spings, Spring Caps and Bases and Collets. 

By using all new parts you spead up your build time. You dont need to wait for the customers head to come in before you can start building up the new on. Also, you don't need to invest the labour in dismanteling the old head. 

All of these parts are listed on our website and are currently instock. 

Give us a call if you have any questions.