New Valve Spring Kits

07/04/2016 12:00AM

ETP has been developting our own range of spring kits over the last three years. Not many people know we do them. They are a great inexspensive option to get build up a cylinder head order, without the need to wait for an exchange core to be sent back. 

Plus there is a reductions labour costs in stripping the old head of parts. All the parts are conviently sealed up in seperate bags, reducing the risk of loosing parts and slowing up the job. 

Our newest spring kit, that we're promoting on our facebook page, is for the Toyota 1FZ engine. 

We also stock spring kits for:

Mazda WE

Mazda WL

Mazda FE

Mitsubishi 4G64 and 63

Mitsubishi 4M40

Toyota 1KZ

Toyota 2RZ

Toyota 22R

Nissan YD25

Nissan ZD30


We have a number of new kits in developement that will be ready soon.